How to use the Intuition Deck?


You shuffle the deck and spread the cars out in front of you to pick a new card for the day. This process is important because your intuition is starting now, and you will pick the right card that you need for this moment. There are many ways to pick a card. I like when I hold one of my hands above the cards to feel the physical sensation under my hand to gage whether my hand is over the right card ( It can feel like heat and tingling different from other cards where there is no sensation). Then I pick up that card! Please do this process anyway you choose. Have fun picking your new card.

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These Intuitive questions will change the way you think in life which will give you a new perspective and influence your environment! Slowly read the first question on the card out loud, to yourself and ask the question 4 times, then sit quietly and wait for the answer inside you... be aware if you feel differently or any new thoughts arise from asking this new question. These cards are filled with important information. When you learn to sit with this new card for the day you start to change any negative thoughts and gain new insights activating your Intuition. As a direct result your will have new positive experiences show up in your life!  



The first top half of the card above the line is the “purifying the negative” section. The purpose of this is to slowly have you become aware of any negative questions living within you. Then we find the opposite of that negative question so we can have a new positive thought to replace it with in order to remove the negative from our consciousness. The second half of the card, the bottom half, is more the "action side". What do I need to do next in my life? As we sit for a moment and reflect we wait for the answer. This is the moment where your intuition gets kick started! Each time you ask the question you will  

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