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 What is the Intuitive deck? 

Have you ever had experiences where your intuition has given you a rare stunning message or you feel your intuition is trying to tell you something? Is your intuition on and working or does is feel more confusing and misleading? This intuitive deck will help to boost your intuition!

This deck of cards is designed to relieve negative thoughts and help develop your intuition and insights. The deck teaches us how our thoughts and constant worrying creates the world around us. Change your thoughts and you will change your circumstances in which your own intuitive abilities allow you to be still for a few minutes. Drop into your heart and listen to new insights. These cards are just beginning to expand a whole new horizon and eventually you will graduate and start to have your own intuitive experiences but you need to start practicing to get there. These cards are a great way to develop these abilities.

What is in the cards?

The Intuitive deck covers some great and sometimes challenging topics. These are topics that have been covered in workshops for over the last 20 years and are related to most people’s concerns. The cards are helping you to recognize the topic that is affecting you before you can let it go. In fact the more you dislike a card or a question on the card, the more likely it is the topic you are working on. This lets you know you're on the right track. The card is designed to "stir the pot". First we have to notice any time there is a resistance to a new question. Then we start an inner dialogue about the question. Your ego will say: “Why am I asking this question?” Hence the more you ask the question the deeper it will get and bring to surface any unconscious negativity. The card is designed to hit the question from many different angles that is why there are many different kind of questions on the same card leading to the change you want.

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What Is The Intuitive Deck? -Video

Short video about the Intuitive Deck 

How To Use The Intuitive Deck?

You shuffle the deck and spread the cars out in front of you to pick a new card for the day. This process is important because your intuition is starting now, and you will pick the right card that you need for this moment. There are many ways to pick a card. I like when I hold one of my hands above the cards to feel the physical sensation under my hand to gage whether my hand is over the right card ( It can feel like heat and tingling different from other cards where there is no sensation). Then I pick up that card! Please do this process anyway you choose. Have fun picking your new card.

These intuitive questions will change the way you think in life which will give you a new perspective and influence your environment! Slowly read the first question on the card out loud, to yourself and ask the question 4 times, then sit quietly and wait for the answer inside you... be aware if you feel differently or any new thoughts arise from asking this new question. These cards are filled with important information. When you learn to sit with this new card for the day you start to change any negative thoughts and gain new insights activating your Intuition. As a direct result your will have new positive experiences show up in your life!  

The first top half of the card above the line is the “Purifying the negative” section. The purpose of this is to slowly have you become aware of any negative questions living within you. Then we find the opposite of that negative question so we can have a new positive thought to replace it with in order to remove the negative from our consciousness. The second half of the card, the bottom half, is more the"Action side" What do I need to do next in my life? As we sit for a moment and reflect we wait for the answer. This is the moment where your intuition gets kick started! Each time you ask the question you will get a new answer if you sit quietly and listen. You can ask the last question a 100 times a day and you will get a 100 different answers. Your intuition will let you know which one is the best for you. In this way you are developing and training your mind to ask not only positive questions but to gain the intuition inspiration from asking the question. What is the answer to the query that you are sending out to consciousness? The last question on the bottom of the card with the “*” next to it is your main question for the day! Try to stay with at last one question for the remainder of the day. If you can sit long enough and tune into yourself you will hear the answer.

Each day you pull a new card you will get a new list of questions to practice for that day, helping you to develop yourself.

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The intuitive deck cards can help with:

• intuitive answers

• removing negative thoughts, dropping into your heart to listen

• getting new insights

• removing stress 

• glimmer of hope in times of darkness

• connecting with your higher self  

• starting a creative process 

• giving yourself permission to do new things 

• slowing down and listening to your inner world "meditation"

• releasing emotional charges

• training your thoughts to have a new awareness 

• recognizing any negative tendencies


Short Video On How To Pick A Card

Intuition starts with picking a card!

How To Use The Deck - Happiness Card -

How to work with the cards  and examples what to do when you pick a card  - video  

How To Use The Deck -Appreciating Life Card-

 More examples what to do when you pick a card and how to work with the cards    - video  

How To Use The Deck - Freedom Card -

More examples what to do when you pick a card and how to work with the cards

 -  video 

Why Asking Questions Is So Important?


Asking questions helps to purify and purge the subconscious from negative thoughts that we are constantly thinking all day long. When a negative thought is replaced with a positive thought it might seem inconvenient, almost like hitting a speedbump. For example if you have the habit of thinking " Why does no one like me?" all day long and then you change the question to "How am I liked"? The mind then throws up its arms and says "what?!" (mental speedbump) because the mind truly believes that it's “unlikeable”. The mind will have a 1000 arguments of why it thinks this is a reality. The truth is that you are very likeable and it is just a thought that we repetitively keep mulling over and over. This is just one cloud of many clouds obstructing the sun of radiant consciousness we are telling ourselves all day long. By introducing a new intuition question it starts a new query into the greater data base of our mind! We start to train the mind and develop our intuition at the same time in order to receive new insights. Every time you ask an active question you will receive an active answer. It is interesting that two thoughts cannot live in the same place at one time. By replacing the negative thought that "I am not liked" with the active question of "How am I liked?" you are holding a new space for a new idea. We have to slow down enough in our fast paced world to quiet our minds and tune into ourselves to hear our inner intuitive voice. This deck of cards is to re-train our thought process affecting not only our negative tendencies but also allowing new insights into our lives.


How do we listen to our intuitive questions?

Do you have a belief system that you really need to struggle in life? Is it difficult to achieve things in your life? This is called a struggle pattern limiting the mind not letting new information in and only using information from the past. If you are in a constant state of wanting you are not in a state of receiving and you cannot recognize when things do come to you. Working with this deck will train you to sink into your heart more and not operate from this wanting mind set of lack but from you higher consciousness that knows.

First when you pick a card, read the first question at the top of the card, then you will get the “Feeling from the Question” which is the key to becoming a ‘Vibrational Match bringing to you the answer that you want the most. This stops any negative questions from running in the background and creates a new possibility. You need to sink into your heart and slow down enough to actually hear the new question with your whole being. Do not continue reading the card randomly being impatient. Close your eyes for a minute and listen to the question again. Can you feel any answer coming back? Be aware of your entire body as you read the question. What is your experience? This is not a mental exercise this is a whole body experiential exercise, a test of awareness, to be present with your entire experience. It is then you will get your intuitive answer. 

Can negative thoughts have a direct effect on your physical health?


 Our health is being affected by these negative thoughts and questions! Have you ever heard the term "being worried sick"? This is a reality for most people! Modern day stress and negativity towards our self does have a direct effect on our health. Modern science is increasingly becoming aware of this. Negative thinking not only taxes our adrenal glands and compromises our immune system, but when we continue worrying long-term it leads us to getting sick. Using the questions in the Intuitive Deck to help us self-reflect can help heal our negative tendencies and also our long-term health. 

"I personally have experienced this firsthand and know how negative tendencies can affect my health. This is the reason why I developed this Intuition deck." Robert Carlson-Moeller

The New Science:


 A group of scientists in Los Angeles discovered that our mind works on questions not statements, originally called affirmations. An example would be "What am I going to do tonight?" or "What am I going to eat next?" Our mind is constantly asking questions all day long. This is why affirmations in the personal growth field do not work! Intuitive Questions reach beyond the mind into the field of consciousness, which is like accessing a greater database. Through the process of asking questions you activate creativity and gain new insights. With this new realization that our mind is limited when we ask the right intuitive questions you will get the right answers from the limitless field of pure consciousness. Sometimes our limiting thoughts have us trapped inside ourselves like being inside a "tin can" and we learn that the mind is not a storage unit but more like a receptor. If the mind was only a storage unit we would have a limited space but since it's more like a receptor it can access the greater consciousness around us. If you asked the right questions or send a query you will get an answer with new insights from outside of your limited mind, from your larger consciousness!

What Is Intuition? -Video

Short video on understanding Intuition ?

Intuitive Deck


What is Intuition?

Intuition is popularly defined as related to the sixth sense, where one experiences a phenomenon that is considered as going beyond the five senses. The fact is that the phenomena of intuition is processed through our five senses which means that it is not a sixth sense experience but an expanded state of our 5 senses which makes it attainable to everybody. The more we stay in this expanded state through using our 5 senses we develop a bridge between our ordinary everyday experiences and heightened states of awareness that include all our 5 senses at once. This new expanded state allows you to have more awareness and insights using your 5 senses and your surrounding environment. The mind then becomes a receptor for pure consciousness and no longer just a storage unit of habitual thoughts. Through constant practice of intuitive questions and awareness you enter a new level of the two states no longer separated but having become one expanded state of consciousness. The bridge to this unified state is known as intuition.

Can everyone be highly intuitive?

Yes, there is no exception to this because intuition is a part of your higher consciousness. If you want to improve your intuition skills you will need to practice with tools like the intuition deck to exercise your intuition. Intuition exercises are the quickest way to gain mastery. These card exercises will help you build good intuition and trigger insights and all you have to do is simply start asking the right questions. Your intuition will always respond with an answer when you let go of your mind/ego. You just have to expand your awareness to be present. Sometimes your intuition will provide you with pictures or images or some people get thought’s that are short, specific and distinct. Non-intuitive thoughts are vague and changing all the time, this is the mind talking at random. The key to success is knowing how to listen to your inner voice and to be still inside to hear the new information coming to you.

When does intuition get blocked?

Does your intuition seem to be random and elusive, vague and intangible? You may often wonder whether you even have any intuition at all. Intuition can be elusive when you have life upheavals, changes or just don’t’ feel safe in your current circumstances. You need to feel safe and be able to drop into your heart to start to depend on your internal guidance. Sometimes the greatest gift is asking for help. This will open new doors let some grace from “Above” into your life, letting you know things will be okay. This might be an experience of new expansion by simply asking for “help” from a big brother or sister (like our spirit guides or guardians). Your life will be affected so that you don’t feel closed down or not accessible. Being humble asking for help is always the answer in times of need, realizing you are not alone. Just be assured the right thing to do next is just a question away. It is always powerful to connect to your inner guidance and state of knowing. 

Understanding your mind?


The unaware mind has a tendency to lead to negativity. The part of your brain designed to figure “things out” is designed to judge, and to protect itself from “unwanted circumstances” before they happen, basically promoting a state of fear or being in defense mode all the time. This excessive judgment can lead us to be critical about not only ourselves and others but also makes our world feel unsafe. Maybe you are a little unconscious, foggy or confused sometimes? Do you worry at lot or surround yourself with bad news, to make yourself worry more? Is there a tendency to focus on ill-health? All these patterns can lead to making your life feel like a struggle or yourself feeling like a failure. If these thoughts become habitual and you want to change this mental heaviness, then you need to start having new thoughts and new questions to change the condition of your mind to be more positive. Choose again!

When you start to train the mind with positive questions and choose to think thoughts that are in alignment with the truth of your being you will connect with your higher consciousness. This will stop the analytical part of the brain helping it to understand you have the right to choose a more positive life and outcome. Then you will start to receive, retain and access intuitive information (and even psychic insights). Just remember to receive intuitive messages, you must be relaxed and non- judgmental. Having an openness you start to become aware of feelings and answers welling up inside you. These new messages are very subtle as you are making a new space inside you for them to grow. Intuition questions will change the way you think each day which will give you a new perspective. This change will have an effect on other aspects of your being and affect your whole life.

When Intuitive questions do not work.

When you don’t answer the new question or you have the “same old same old” response to a new question. In order to have new insights you have to avoid having the same thoughts over and over again which is the state of mind most of us are in. Approach the question with a new sense of familiarity so you can develop a new habit leading to new insights. Through the process of using the intuitive questions you actively enter into the flow of life's creative process. By directing your thoughts you enter the process of intuition to find answers to your inquiries, developing the active power of your mind. The habit of asking negative questions changes which creates a new outcome for your life. This process is designed to create a new reality. In the past when we used statements like affirmations they were flat and did not lead to a new process. By introducing a new intuition question it supports your expanded state of awareness as well as new insights. Eventually you will graduate from using the cards allowing you to have your own intuition experiences all day long. All you have to do is ask yourself the next intuition question to get the next answer!

Why Intuitive?

 Developing your intuition is one of the best things you can do for yourself! It’s like having a brandnew insight all the time. It’s also learning to connect to your higher self and gain new ideas and thoughts that you normally wouldn’t get from your mind or ego. It’s letting go of old belief systems and repetitions in your life creating a new outcome. Your Intuition can give you a glimmer of hope in times of darkness, can lift up your spirit and provide guidance during difficult times. All you need to do is start listening to your inner voice, sink into your heart more and your head less. There will be a whole new world for you to explore when you start having your own experiences. These cards are just the beginning of expanding into a whole new horizon until you graduate from using the cards, starting your own whole new adventure, Enjoy! efits.

How To Use The Deck - Health Card -


Last example on what to do when you pick a card and how to work with the deck.

-  video 

More Intuitive Information


How do you ask yourself the right kind of questions?

There are good questions and bad questions to ask yourself. A lot of us don’t understand how to use the power of the negative questions we are asking ourselves. When we start to engage an expanded state of consciousness we activate our creativity. Good questions keep your mind positive and creative leading to a positive outcome in your current life/reality. These good questions help create the kind of environment you want to live in and you positively start affecting the world around you. The problem is that most of us are asking negative questions throughout the day not even being aware of it. This has the opposite effect. Questions like “Why don’t I have enough?” or “Why do others have it better than me?” This has a negative effect on our state of thinking and the world around us. This is why it’s so important to re-train ourselves using cards like the Intuition Deck to have better questions running in our mind.

Does it take time for you to come up with a new answer?

If it takes too much time for you to come up with a new answer then you are trying to use your “thinking mind” to come up with the new thought, not your intuition. But if an answer immediately shows up then it is more probable that you are activating your intuition. By practicing you develop methods to get your thinking and ego out of the way so you can start receiving better insights. Using the Intuition deck you will have new insights and answers happen immediately. In essence, you are slowing down your thinking mind by becoming aware of your inner space and this gives your intuition an opportunity to quickly respond and be recognized.

How to Ask Your Intuition a Question?

It’s important to understand that you are not asking yourself the question, but you are asking a question of your intuition (your higher self/ inner guidance) as if it were not you. If you are asking your personality/ego the question it is because you are identified with your thinking mind.  Your identity/personality does not recognize a larger consciousness and only recognizes your “thinking mind”. When you start to learn how to ask the right questions, inner guidance will intuitively come to you and present a new insight based on an answer from limitless consciousness. This happens especially when you are still and listen for the answer inside you. Your intuition is quieter than your thinking mind and you won’t hear the new information if they are both talking at once.

Why is it important to engage your intuition?

When you start to practice using intuitive questions you trigger a creative process that helps expand your ordinary awareness by simply posing the question silently in your mind. You can ask your intuition a question out loud or just in silence. If you’re not used to posing questions to yourself, or “talking” to yourself, you just need practice. No one needs to know you’re doing it since you’re just asking a question in your mind. The good thing about this part of the technique is no one needs to know that you’re talking to your intuition. You’ll be asking your intuition a lot of questions silently, so get used to it.

In developing your intuition you can:


· Always have new insights to move in the right direction

· Learn to make the right choice instantly, without days of worrying.

· Have your intuition work for you on demand and feel confident in your knowing.

· Wake up energized and connected to your psychic and intuitive abilities.

· Help increase synchronicities in your life: discover amazing new places, meet new people, situations and circumstances.

Developing your intuition allows you to take charge of your life and re-program your mind so you can have your intuition “on” all the time and use it in any situation.


What is Intuition? – “Wikipedia”

Intuition – noun -the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning. Intuition is the ability to acquire knowledge without proof, evidence, or conscious reasoning, or without understanding how the knowledge was acquired. 


1. the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning. "we shall allow our intuition to guide us" synonyms: instinct, intuitiveness; 

sixth sense, clairvoyance, second sight "he works according to intuition" a thing that one knows or considers likely from instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning. plural noun: intuitions

"your insights and intuitions as a native speaker are positively sought"

synonyms: hunch, feeling (in one's bones), inkling, (sneaking) suspicion, idea, sense, notion;

premonition, presentiment; informal, gut feeling, gut instinct "this confirms an intuition I had"

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