The Art Of Natural Breathing Workshops

Why do I feel supported in larger groups of people learning to breathe together?


Being together in workshop settings is one of the fastest ways available of growing or making change available. We all have that loner inside of us, who wants to hide his/her pains from the world. If you have the courage to be part of a group, you lessen the hold that of the pains have over you.  You get to experience different kinds of people and how they breathe differently, which makes you learn even faster. Come be a part of our workshops and check out the information below.

Our workshops are designed to help us reclaim our natural and full breath. Workshops consist of  mini lectures, demonstrations, personal processes, discussion, and breath sessions. Emphasis will be on “one–on-one training” shedding light onto your personal breathing patterns and how they affect your life. While breathing seems to be such an automatic and natural response of our well-designed bodies,  many of us hold our breath or breathe shallowly,  mirroring how we live and breathe in our daily lives. You will be guided to inhale and exhale correctly, using a soft and circular breath, opening and releasing repressed  breathing patterns in your body. Focus will be on the upper body, where our lungs and heart center reside. Breathing into this area fully will bring precious oxygen to your system and help youus eliminate toxins stored in the body. Our life force, also called prana energy, travels on the breath. Breathing in this continuous fashion is the foundation for physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Increasing our ability to breathe fully brings more vibrancy into our lives and helps us to discover who we are on a more essential level. The Art of Natural Breathing facilitates an expanded state of awareness making it easier to clarify our true purpose in life. You will learn  how and where your  breath is being held back. You will learn how to open up restricted breathing patterns and initiate the body’s natural healing process. Information about the physical body and how breath works will  benefit you in everyday life where normal stress chokes off your breath and tightens your chest, stopping  the flow and pulsation of your body movement. Most diseases and unhealthy organs come from lack of movement, A healthy life  comes from more movement, more circulation—and more good breathing. 



Seth Berman:

My latest Breathwork Workshop experience was an amazing and fulfilling experience.  To begin with, I was in pain and I was having difficulty walking from having stretched a muscle.  Robert had me and the other participants look at and focus ourselves with intention on some issue that we wanted to get through.   My desired intention was to be able to walk with ease upon completion of the workshop.  I was told by Robert and the other participants that I went someplace deep and far.  When I was brought back to be present with everyone else, and the workshop was over, I found that I was indeed able to walk with ease back to my vehicle. I consistently remind myself of how breathing the way it is taught by Robert Carlson in his workshop rejuvenates my own energy in the moment.  I also use this practice when my energy and attention wanes in meetings, when being present and awake is imperative.  I encourage all to experience what's available for themselves. 

The Art of Natural Breathing Workshops


1st  Weekend  “ Breathing Foundations:”

Learning the basics of how to breathe well.In this module we will discover how our way of breathing can support our health and emotional well being. Often we don’t breathe enough and hold back our breath and aliveness, stopping the natural flow of oxygen to our circulatory system, affecting the regeneration of our organs and all the cells of our bodies. In breathing more and implementing and remembering our natural way to breathe we will gain tremendous strength and elevated levels of well being and awareness. In short ourlife will experience a natural boost, rediscovering how we were meant to live.


2nd  Weekend  “Transitioning:”: 

Discovering how to implement good transitions in everyday life.How we implement change in our lives has a lot to do with how we breathe. Looking at each person’s transitioning scenario, we will understand our difficulties in facing true change in our lives. Awareness of how we deal with new outlooks, sudden changes, or life transitions paves the way for a more healthy and integrated way of being. Through the breath we will discover how to let go and trust life, regaining our ability to surrender and learn from what transitions have to offer us on a more profound level. 


3rd Weekend  "Natural Breathing:”: 

Discovering how to breathe freely and letting go of our debilitating breathing habits. Each person has their own way of having learned how to breathe, sometimes with more ease and sometimes with more struggle. The way we breathe reflects how we live our lives. We will specifically look at each participant’s breathing patterns, learning how to inhale and exhale correctly and with more ease. Our breathing patterns influence our lives directly and when we become aware of them and surrender to “the art of natural breathing,” we relax, trust and discover our more essential nature. 


4th Weekend  “ Emotions Awareness"

How to allow for the movement of our emotions is a crucial part of healing. The breath always supports us into feeling more and therefore healing more. We will also address how we connect with others, our families, friends and intimate relationships. Intimacy or “into me you see” is a necessary and joyous dance we hold with our beloved one’s in our life. The art of natural breathing will explore the deepening of intimacy with ourselves and then the world, releasing patterns holding us back from forging deep and satisfying relationships

5th Weekend  “ Purposeful living-purposeful breathing” 

Finding our deeper purpose in life, allows us to feel free without depending on outside circumstances. We will explore and release blocks  that avoid a purposeful living, by becoming more aware of how the life and death urge operate and manifest in our daily living. Using the breath, it is easy to release incomplete and unconscious experiences from the body, freeing us of trauma from the past and coaxing us to live more fully in the present moment.


6th  Weekend  “Living an integrated life”

How the nature of our consciousness is always manifesting and how we can become aware of this process by breathing into our goals and releasing obstacles that keeping us living on automatic. By filling our lives and bodies with more spirit and prana energy, or life force, which getsting  activated by breathing more, it is easy to reclaim our birthright and live as powerful representations of who we were truly meant to be.


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