The Art Of Natural Breathing Sessions

Why would you like to have a breathing session?


This is a powerful gift to youroneself to make time in your busy lifeves and to reconnect with your essential self or your own spirit. The fact that you are just making time for yourself is getting you back in balance, recharging yourself and using your breath. Experiencing the newness of life through the breath is a real gift. More information of how this will happen for you is down below.

We connect to ourselves more by breathing deeply. By breathing deeply, we take in more oxygen and use this oxygen to heal the places in our body where that oxygen is necessary.  What are these places?  They are generally places where you have tension, symptoms and problems stored in your body.  This could include places where you have experienced injury, an accident or tension, including emotional tension.  Conscious connected breathing is the art of using breath to connect. During a breathing session you breathe as if you are running a marathon, or exercising or dancing, but you don’t move. By exercising or dancing, the oxygen that would normally go to replenish and compensate for the oxygen being used by the muscles to engage in the activity goes to heal the traumas instead. During the session, all the oxygen is distributed throughout the body, delivering additional nutrition and consequently a higher “vibration” to the cells. This is why many people experience tingling during sessions, because they are experiencing  a higher amount of oxygen, as well as a higher vibration of cellular movement, both of which is a healthy process.  Sluggish cells lead to sluggish functioning. This is why relaxation is necessary in the process of conscious connected breathing. We want as much oxygen to be brought to the cells of our body as possible. Being relaxed also includes not using a great deal of mental energy or physical movement, since it does take energy in order to think or move. Generally, the only parts of you that should be moving are the front part of the ribcage and your lower abdomen. We support people either individually or in group sessions on how the breath can be consciously used to unblock, move, increase, and balance energy. Our goal is to achieve optimum health and healing for ourselves, and then with continued training, for others as well.                  

Why Ten Breathing Sessions?


In the first couple of sessions you will familiarize yourself with the techniques and start to get comfortable with the “Art of Natural Breathing” and sometimes it isn’t until around session five or six that people really start having their most powerful experiences. There needs to be an accumulative effect of the breathing process and a familiarity with the practitioner. Since most of us sub- ventilate most of the time, it  takes a while to learn the

breathing process correctly, as we do access deeper and deeper material. In addition the practitioner gets to know and understand you better, so that they can identify patterns that get in your way. These are often not readily apparent in the beginning and as you work together as a team, you develop a trust and synergy that allows you to discover more. With this guidance you become more aware of yourself.  You learn how to better consciously achieve the results you want in your life. Part of this involves a period of practice. As you implement new behaviors, you will receive feedback from your everyday life. Understanding this feedback and adjusting to it is an integral part of the “Art of Natural Breathing” experience. Having completed your ten sessions, you will know the breathing technique well and  be able to use the technique on your own. This can be very helpful in keeping yourself balanced in daily life. You will probably still want to take individual sessions from time to time  to help you uncover and release other blocks that get in your way. It is often times difficult to be objective with ourselves and very hard to see our blind spots with out outside support.


What happens in a breath session?


During a session of “The Art of Natural Breathing” you will breathe in a certain, specific way, with which your professional support (practitioner) helps you. .  The breathing part of a breath session usually lasts 50-60 minutes. The Breathing sessions begin with a consultation. In the first session the practitioner will explain more of the philosophy and techniques of “The Art of Natural Breathing” and answer any questions. The practitioner  will explore with you what you want to accomplish. This interview process is designed to help learn more about your history and  discover unknown patterns that may be limiting you in accomplishing your goals. After the discussion section, the practitioner will teach you  the foundation of Breathing and describe some of the more common experiences people have.Private sessions are offered  with a skilled “The Art of Natural Breathing practitioner”, providing the opportunity for truly transforming your life in a safe, gentle, and uplifting environment. Whether group or private sessions, the support and guidance of a trained professional will help you address any issue from physical health, to emotional  well being, to spiritual joy. What happens in a breathing session? Each session lasts from fifty minutes to one hour and fifteen minutes. During this time you will lay down fully clothed, except for your shoes, on a comfortable pad or massage table to be coached through a breathing cycle. When the breathing cycle is complete there will be a period of discussion about any of the experiences you encountered and any insights gained. The practitioner will then give you homework for the next session. For the first time client of “The Art of Natural Breathing,”, there is a set program of ten sessions. It is structured this way for several reasons. First, studies have shown that real, permanent change is accomplished through a process of repetition and reinforcement. Even if limitations and misunderstandings are released or corrected in a single session there is often habitual behavior accumulated over the years that must be identified and changed. Without addressing these habits and integrating the new learning, you can find yourself recreating old problems


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