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What happens in a typical Body Memories session?


 Would you like to have more awareness and movement in your body? Would you like to have more movement in your life? Body Memories sessions will help us remove any blocks or memories stuck in our bodies that might be holding us back. A session or ten session series would be a great to yourself. Read more below and thinks about giving yourself this gift.Body Memories sessions support each client's self-awareness and self-direction in healing, growth, and life effectiveness. A session typically begins with a discussion of the client's issues and goals, followed by an analysis of body posture, movement, and function relative to those issues and goals. The client and practitioner then join together in an exploration of the best ways to allow the body to release the obstacles standing in the way of resolving the client's issues and achieving their goals. The work is subtle yet powerful, simple yet profound. Body 

Memories sessions are for anyone wanting greater effectiveness and joy in their lives. Body Memories imposes nothing and incorporates everything to empower the client on their path to a life without limitations. By honoring the body as the ultimate truth-teller, Body Memories is one of the most powerful tools available for empowerment and personal effectiveness in all areas of life.

What are the benefits of a Body Memories session?


By listening to the body and following each person's own unique path to healing, Body Memories allows the body to unwind, relax, and release past traumas, no matter what their origins or symptoms might be. When compressions and restrictions are removed from our bodies, so are the limitations that were placed there. With these releases, the body comes into the present moment, and we experience more movement, freedom, vitality, and power— -- the power to make real the dreams that our limitations had held us from.


Our bodies are living, moving, and breathing storehouses of all of our life's experiences on all levels. Physical and mental traumas, judgments and limitations, stress, and suppressed emotions compress our tissues and musculature, limiting our healing potential and the realization of our dreams. Our minds may choose not to remember past traumas, but our bodies never forget, and our bodies do not lie. Body Memories honors and celebrates these truths of the body.

Why will you enjoy 10 Sessions with a Body Memories practitioner?

In the first couple of sessions you will familiarize yourself with the techniques and start to get comfortable with the “Body Memories.” Sand sometimes it isn’t until around session five or six that people really start having their most powerful experiences. One session is great to help relieve physical pain but ten sessions is rerecommended ally needed to makehave permanent change. That is whyay this is one of the most powerful gifts you can give yourself is private sessions with a skilled Body Memories Practitioner. This is truly a chance to transform your life and nurture yourself in a safe, gentle and uplifting environment. Under the support and guidance of a trained professional you can address any issues from physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.


Body Memories sessions begin with a consultation with your Body Memories Practitioner. In the first session, your practitioner will explain the philosophy and techniques of Body Memories and answer any questions. We will explore what you want to accomplish, discuss the sessions involved and explain the process. 


Recognizing that the body comes fully equipped to heal itself, and that all of us have amazing untapped potential to achieve our dreams and desires; Body Memories uses the physical body as the pathway to healing and success. At the beginning of each session the Practitioner will help you explore what you are experiencing in your body and educate you about possibilities to support you in accomplishing your desired results. This process will involve having you either walking or standing in front of a mirror. As you do one of these activities you will be guided to discover where your body holds resistance to your healing or your success. You and the Practitioner will agree on a strategy for removing these blocks. 


Now you are ready to begin the bodywork section of the session. It usually lasts around one hour, but the length is based on achieving the releases desired in the body, as it is a process. During this time you will lay down fully clothed, except for your shoes, on a comfortable massage table while the practitioner begins addressing the constricted areas of the body with the gentle, non-invasive techniques of Body Memories . 


One of the unique things about Body Memories is that the Practitioner is trained to follow the natural flow of your body, to support it in choosing to let go of any blocks rather than adjusting or manipulating the body to achieve a prescribed release. It is not a form of massage, palpation, stimulation or triggering to create a result but rather a process of honoring the body’s innate wisdom to unravel the complex combination of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual components creating the block in the first place. This is all accomplished by carefully and skillfully listening to the subtle movements and messages of the body. As these messages are received and completed, the body will let go of the restrictions, which will allow for healing or achieving the desired goal. When the bodywork is complete there will be a period of exploration and discussion with the Body Memories practitioner to see if the agreed upon goals have been met. The practitioner may then give you homework to work on before the next session, and you will end by scheduling the date and time of the next session. 


For Body Memories work, beginning clients  have 10 sessions.  While one session can often be very effective at releasing a symptom or superficial pains, it requires a more serious time commitment for you to understand how your pain got there and to ensure that it will not return. Each session is a chance for you to reconnect with yourself again, allowing you to relax, remove the emotional blocks and expand in your life. With each session you'll gain more tools to accept yourself in an expanded state of consciousness and regain your body’s natural fluidity, health and untapped potential. Often habits and unwanted behavior that have accumulated over the years must be identified and changed. Without addressing these habits and integrating the new learning, you can find yourself recreating old problems.

A second reason for a series of 10 sessions is that Body Memories work has a cumulative effect. As one restriction is released it changes the entire balance of your body’s system and other constrictions and blocks that weren’t readily apparent before, begin to emerge. As the Practitioner becomes familiar with you, they frequently find other restrictions that were being covered up by the obvious symptoms of the first visit. The practitioner will guide you to see patterns that get in your way of being fully alive and healthy. 


Finally, after having completed your ten sessions with a practitioner, you will have deepened your experience of Body Memories  and will be able to use some of the tools on your own. This can be very helpful in keeping yourself balanced in daily life.

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What is Healing?

What is Healing? 

We find that the best way to make change in life starts with the body. Our whole lives and personalities are formed from our ability to move freely in our bodies.  When we can’t move freely and we feel restricted and stuck, our bodies start to suffer and so do we. We have found the two best ways to change our bodies and transform our limitations.  First, a hands-on form of body work called Body Memories "Body Memories"  that has been used for the past 40 years is essential in allowing us to make change in our lives.  Our bodies have memories that get frozen in time.  By releasing them we have the freedom that our body needs and it removes the restrictions that are limiting us in our lives. With more freedom in our bodies, we are able to have more health and happiness , 

 “The Art of Natural Breathing.”- cathartic  breathwork . This breathing is one of the simplest healing tools. It reminds us how to breathe naturally, enabling the body’s cleansing mechanism to work  to its full effect and benefit, purifying our life and encouraging our self-healing. Breathing is an automatic and natural response of our well-designed bodies. Through the healing technique of the Art of Natural Breathing, we can start to really experience our breathing as  joyful, effortless, and natural. By learning the Art of Natural Breathing, we can gain an understanding of the tools necessary to change old habits,  release addictions, and overcome depression, in short, transform our lives. 

"Intuition deck"This deck of cards is designed to relieve negative thoughts and help develop your intuition and insights. The deck teaches us how our thoughts and constant worrying creates the world around us. Change your thoughts and you will change your circumstances in which your own intuitive abilities allow you to be still for a few minutes. 

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