The Art Of Natural Breathing

The Art of Natural Breathing as a healing tool.


This breathing is one of the simplest healing tools. It reminds us how to breathe naturally, enabling the body’s cleansing mechanism to work  to its full effect and benefit, purifying our life and encouraging our self-healing. Breathing is an automatic and natural response of our well-designed bodies. Through the healing technique of the Art of Natural Breathing, we can start to really experience our breathing as  joyful, effortless, and natural. By learning the Art of  Natural Breathing, we can gain an understanding of the tools necessary to change old habits,  release addictions, and overcome depression, in short, ransform our life.

Learning how to Breathe.


Breathing exercises form the foundation of  many ancient practices. Breathing exercises deepen consciousness, helping us to connect to our essential selves; our source, one may say, our own spirit and will power. If you look up the “word” for breath, you will find that it also means spirit. The way in which we breathe is also the way in which we embody spirit. Deep flowing breath is a good sign of health, balance, and fullness of one’s own spirit and life force. Short, weak or shallow breathes indicate stress, confusion and, generally  speaking,  health problems. Life is being held back. During inhalation, fresh oxygen and energy is brought into the body and organs, nourishing cells and  tissues and the body's natural energy centers. With each exhalation, the body releases carbon dioxide, waste and toxins, releasing all the accumulated stress, anxiety, and negative energy with them. We don’t have to learn this. Our body already automatically knows how to breathe. We just need to remove the tightness caused by trauma so our natural ability can return and we become conscious of using the breath to connect to our self—to our spirit and to our life force.

Changing our emotions and treating physical illness.

 Using the Art of Natural Breathing techniques, we can change the way we breathe, cleanse our body of emotional traumas, and discover our truer feelings.   The breath is the simplest  way to focus on becoming aware of the self. The  breath can help us build energy and endurance. In stressful times, the way we breathe, taking long deep breaths, for example, can change our whole situation; it can help release the toxins that developed in the body due to stress and tension. Breathing patterns shift  when different emotions are happening to us. Through an awareness of our breath, we become more alert and able to heal emotional traumas.

Live With Passion & Purpose "To feel good is to breathe well. To breathe well is to live with a purpose! "


What is your purpose? What is your passion? When we are passionate in our life we are on track and we have all the support and energy we need. We hold back in our lives when we have trauma or we feel hurt  a At the same time we are also holding back our breath, which is our life force. The Art of Natural Breathing teaches us how to stop all this holding back, connecting us with our passion again. Below are some topics that are covered in our workshops, but to really understand the Art of Natural Breathing you should experience a full session.


Breathing is a tool for healing, stress reduction, and personal development.  The breath can be used to release and heal the wounds of emotional trauma.  At the time of  trauma,  the first thing we do, is to hold our breath or take short  and shallow breaths. By releasing an emotional trauma from the body, we can get the breath flowing again, and consciously start to become aware of what were the events that stopped or slowed our breath in the first place. Remember, breath is the source of life. 


Breathing Brings More Passion and Aliveness into your life!

Showing How to Breathe

Floating Session Art of Natural Breathing


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